Discover your archive: take Art360 Foundation’s new survey

    Take a one-minute survey by Art360 Foundation to help the charity better understand how artists and artists’ estates organise themselves, keep track of their artworks and protect their legacies.

    Discover your archive

    An independent charity, established with the support of DACS, Art360 Foundation empowers artists and estates to manage, protect and make accessible their lifetimes’ work. Taking its brand-new one-minute survey will help you think about your own processes, priorities and needs as an artist or estate.

    Take the survey here

    Being asked about your current archive is an important and thought-provoking process for artists and estates, as it can lead to a greater awareness of where your art is stored, how you record it and in turn, gives you greater autonomy over your work’s narrative.
    Designed to help Art360 Foundation better understand artists and estates’ archiving needs, further tailor its services, and better benefit artists and estates across the UK, the survey is completely anonymous and results will be sent to all participants this autumn.
    The closing date for the survey is 24 September 2018.

    About Art360 Foundation

    Established in 2015 to meet the urgent needs of many visual artists and estates who needed support and advice about managing their archives and legacies at a time of austere cuts to the arts, Art360 Foundation is an independent charity that empowers them to make accessible their lifetime’s work.

    Committed to stimulating greater public understanding and appreciation of the value contemporary and modern art brings to culture and society, Art360 Foundation works with key strategic partners including The Henry Moore Foundation, The National Archives, Art Fund and Arts Council England.

    Art360 Foundation was set up with the support from DACS, the UK’s flagship not-for-profit visual artists’ rights management organisation.

    Image: Studio of Julie Umerle © Brian Benson, 2016: Image courtesy DACS.

    Posted on 24/08/2018 by Jessica Bancroft