DACS to enter mediation process with the Copyright Licensing Agency

    DACS is to enter a mediation process with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and other visual rights organisations to determine how the share of collective licensing revenues for visual rightsholders will be allocated for distribution from 2017 onwards.

    Working towards a solution for artists

    Throughout 2015, DACS was actively involved in an independent valuation process that established an increase from 8% to 8.7% of the share of Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) collective licensing revenue allocated to visual rightsholders. DACS distributes these royalties through our Payback service - currently open for application until 30 September.
    Following the valuation process, DACS facilitated and participated in discussions with other visual rightsholder representatives, namely ALCS, PICSEL, ACS and Bridgeman Images, to devise a process by which the share of CLA revenues can be allocated to visual rightsholders from the 2017 distribution year and onwards. 
    DACS entered into these meetings, which started back in March, in good faith that all parties were working towards the best outcome for all visual rightsholders and their representatives. We have invested a lot of time and effort into supporting this process in order to try and negotiate a fair and workable solution for all visual rightsholders and their representatives, putting artists’ interests at the centre of the discussions.

    All parties to enter into a mediation process

    DACS felt that the latest proposal from the CLA regarding their distribution to visual representatives was detrimental to the interests of individual rightsholders and picture libraries. DACS has therefore decided to withdraw from the process in order to safeguard the interests of our members and all rightsholders in artistic works. All parties have subsequently agreed to enter into a mediation process with the CLA, the Intellectual Property Office and the other visual representatives. 
    From the very beginning DACS has been committed to negotiating effectively on behalf of all visual rightsholders and ensuring that these discussions, and the resulting distribution process, is fair and transparent. We will continue to work tirelessly, as we have done so for the last 15 years, to ensure the best outcome is achieved for all visual rightsholders and their representatives.
    We will make every effort to conclude the mediation process in as timely a way as possible to minimise any further uncertainty and to ensure artists’ interests are effectively safeguarded. 
    We shall continue to update you as the mediation process progresses. However, if you have any further questions please contact us at communications@dacs.org.uk.

    Posted on 08/08/2016 by Jessica Bancroft