DACS appoints new Board members to help realise its Manifesto for Artists

    We are delighted to announce three new appointments to the DACS Board, who will help deliver DACS’ ambitions plans to secure changes for artists in the medium and long term.

    The three new additions to the DACS board, joining in August 2021, are: 

    • Jonathan Gosling, the estate of Keith Vaughan and Emeritus Professor of Leadership at the University of Exeter
    • James Nadin, Barrister at One Essex Court
    • Gajinder Panesar, Fellow at Siemens EDA
    Earlier this year, DACS launched the Manifesto for Artists. Crowd-sourced from artists’ responses and based on their experiences of the impact of Covid-19, it sets out the key policy changes that can make a material and significant difference to the financial sustainability of visual artists in the wake of the pandemic.

    The Manifesto sets out a roadmap for how we can invest in artists of all ages and backgrounds. Over the next year, and through a range of initiatives, include The Smart Fund and Art Works, DACS will be lobbying to secure changes, working in partnership with other organisations and agencies to deliver tangible results that support artists across the UK and the communities in which they are based.

    Margaret Heffernan, said: “I’m delighted to welcome these talented individuals to the Board. Each of them is different but all are independent minds committed to the flourishing of visual artists. We are fortunate to have an active, informed board – and Jonathan, James and Gajinder all add technical, legal and creative minds to the multi-faced challenges faced by practicing artists and their estates.”   

    Gilane Tawadros, Chief Executive of DACS, said: “I am thrilled that Jonathan, James and Gajinder are joining DACS Board. They bring a wealth of experience and expertise to a multi-talented Board which plays a critical role in guiding DACS in the delivery of its mission. I look forward very much to working with each of them to deliver our ambition to support artists and artists’ estates and safeguard their rights at every stage of their development.”

    About  the new board members:

    Jonathan Gosling
    Jonathan manages (with help from DACS) the estate of painter Keith Vaughan. He is Emeritus Professor of Leadership at the University of Exeter, and is active in teaching, research and HE governance around the world. He has served on Boards of several charities, institutes and government agencies including the Fintry Trust and the Defence Academy

    James Nadin
    James is a barrister, specialising in commercial law. He has 18 years’ experience of complex litigation and arbitration, across a broad range of industries (banking, telecoms, utilities, etc). He is a keen collector of contemporary art and photography, and recently founded a business to help promote prints and editions, particularly those raising funds for charities and institutions.

    Gajinder Panesar
    Gajinder has been into technology for nearly 40 years. He is currently a Fellow within Siemens EDA, having joined through the acquisition of UltraSoC where he served as Chief Technology Officer. He holds a BSc in Cybernetics and Computer Science and an MSc in Electronics System Design.

    Find out more about the DACS Board here

    Image from left-right: Jonathan Gosling, James Nadin, Gajinder Panesar

    Posted on 27/09/2021 by Bel New