Claim your share of millions in Payback royalties

    Has your artwork ever been published in a UK book or magazine, or shown on TV? Apply now for your share of millions in Payback royalties - by 1 May 2017.

    Get royalties for your UK-published work!

    Each year, we pay artists and estates Payback royalties for the re-use of their copyright-protected work in UK books, magazines and TV programmes.  
    The royalties come from a range of collective licensing schemes - the main one being the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), which sells photocopying and scanning licences to businesses, required by law. We distribute a share of the money from these licences to visual artists, ensuring they are remunerated when their published work is reproduced.
    It’s worth it! In 2016, we distributed £5.5 million royalties to over 35,000 artists and estates. Individual payments ranged from £25 to £4,215, with the average being just over £148.

    How to claim your royalties – in two steps

    You can get royalties for all types of copyright-protected visual art, from photography to illustration, fine art to design. Beneficiaries who have inherited an artist’s copyright are also eligible.
    There are two parts to this year’s claim process:

    1. Complete an online claim form by 1 May 2017 latest, supplying up to 6 examples of your published work in UK books and magazines and/or examples of TV programmes that were broadcast in 2016. The earlier you submit, the greater chance we have of securing the best share of royalties for visual artists.
    2. New for 2017! Complete a separate Publication History Claim Form by 17 February. This is matched by the CLA against their list of photocopied publications. If you get a match, you get extra royalties!

    Why is the claim process different in 2017?

    Changes have been made to our claim process in 2017 following negotiations over the past few years between DACS, the CLA and other visual representatives regarding the future division and distribution of visual artists’ share of the CLA’s collective licensing revenue.
    Find out more about the changes by reading our FAQs.

    Find out more about the service as an artist or beneficiary.

    Image: Alex Turnbull, Estates of William Turnbull and Kim Lim. Photo © Brian Benson, 2016.

    Posted on 18/02/2017 by Jessica Bancroft