Claim your share of over £5.5 million in Payback royalties

    Is your artwork in UK books and magazines, or has it appeared on TV? Get your share of over £5.5 million in royalties through DACS’ Payback service.

    Get royalties for the re-use of your UK-published work

    Each year, DACS pays millions of pounds in Payback royalties to visual artists and their estates, for the re-use of artworks published in UK books, magazines and TV.
    The royalties come from licences purchased by businesses which enable them to photocopy, scan and record copyright-protected material, such as books or TV programmes. They are additional to the copyright fees you might have already received when your work was first published.
    In 2015, 25,000 artists and estates were able to claim from over £4.7 million through our Payback service. Individual payments ranged from £25 to around £3,770, with the median payment being £275.
    The photographer, Brian Griffin, said:

    “The royalties help me to carry on doing my own work. All artists and photographers need sources of income in order to carry on - especially now, as the world doesn’t operate in the same way as it did years ago.”

    Children’s book author and illustrator, Benji Davies, said:

    “In the past Payback has enabled me to buy new equipment or contributed to studio costs. When the royalties come through it’s a friendly slap on the back - a similar feeling to receiving a Christmas bonus (I imagine!). It always feels like an unexpected and very welcome reward when the statement pops up in my inbox.”

    How to apply

    Applying to Payback is easy and straightforward. As part of the claim process, you will need to:
    • tell us how many UK publications your work has appeared in and provide examples;
    • tell us how many times your work appeared in TV programmes broadcast in the UK in 2015, with examples;
    • confirm you are the copyright-holder and authorise us to collect the royalties on your behalf.
    All types of artists whose works are copyright-protected are eligible, from fine artists and photographers, to designers and illustrators. You can also apply if you are the beneficiary of a deceased artist who has died within the past 70 years.

    Start your application

    By submitting your claim form you become a Payback Member. Please note that our Terms and Conditions are changing. Read more.

    The deadline to claim online is Friday 30 September 2016. The deadline for paper forms is Friday 16 September.
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    Image: Illustrator and author, Benji Davies, in his studio. Photo © Brian Benson, 2016.

    Posted on 09/06/2016 by Laura Ward-Ure