Artists, photographers and illustrators! Payback 2022 is now open.

    Payback is a scheme which pays artists, illustrators and photographers annually when their artworks have been published in UK books, magazines or on TV.

    For many working artists, Payback is the first DACS service they encounter. Since its founding in 1999, we’ve paid out over £70 million in Payback royalties. Artists who claimed in 2021, received a share of £5.6 million with individual payments of up to £450 for books and magazines and up to £3000 when also claiming for TV.

    How to apply

    Our Payback website makes the process of claiming your royalties fast and simple.

    Check out our helpful guide to Payback to get you started with your claim.

    Register now and make a note of these important dates:

    1. Complete Part 1 by Friday 25 February

    2. Complete Part 2 by Friday 15 April (you must complete Part 2 to ensure you receive any royalties)

    3. Payday! We pay royalties in early October.

    What claimants are saying about Payback

    Payback provides a reliable source of income for our members and we are proud to help them get the royalties they deserve.

    "Payback is so important to all the artists we work with, an important boost to their ability to continue their individual practices, while working collaboratively with others."
    Garry Hunter, Creative Director, Fitzrovia Noir

    "Thank you for securing my Payback royalties. I would urge all artists to join DACS."
    Paddy Hamilton, artist

    "Always nice to wake up to a Payback payment. All commercial creatives should be doing this every year."
    Matt Saunders, illustrator

    "Just received a much appreciated payment via Payback. Visual artists and photographers should sign up. Every lil helps!"
    Georgina Cook, photographer

    "Its always a pleasant surprise when my Payback payment arrives. Thanks DACS."
    Gary Eason, photographer

    Find out more about Payback

    Claim Payback
    Watch our helpful guide
    Read our FAQs
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    Posted on 19/01/2022 by Joanne Milmoe