The Estate of John Hoyland on why Artist's Resale Right matters

    Beverley Heath-Hoyland from The Estate John Hoyland talks to DACS about how ARR helps support the running of the estate - from catalogue raisonné to overheads. 

    "ARR royalties are essential for our many responsibilities as an estate”

    These are the words of Beverley Heath-Hoyland, who now runs the estate of the late John Hoyand RA, one of Britain’s leading abstract painters.

    Beverley spoke to DACS about the experience of running an estate and how ARR royalties are essential for its management, as well as the maintanence of John's legacy. 

    "In the day-to day running of the estate I liase with Pace Gallery, who represent us worldwide, we get queries from various publications who may want to use an image, we deal with copyright and insurance and we try to maintain knowledge about where all the paintings go. Of course all of this costs money."

    DACS collects ARR royalties from auction houses and galleries selling John Hoyland's works on the secondary market. "It has really been amazing and I have certainly noticed all these payments coming in. It helps with the catalogue raisonné, with research and with all the overheads."

    Funding a catalogue raisonné

    "Managing the estate is an enormous responsibility and full-time job."

    John kept very good records of his paintings by sketcing them and noting their titles, but as there were no photographs at the time, a serious academic project - a catalogue raisonné - has had to be undertaken. This involves tracking where pieces are, when they sell on the secondary market and who holds them in private collections. For example, there are 50 public collections worldwide that we have had to catalogue, and this involves a lot of work, research and money. A catalogue raisonné is also necessary to satisfy galleries, museums and private collectors, who wish to know about exhibition history, provenance and collections.

    Why Artist’s Resale Right matters

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