DACS’ latest annual report: £100 million to tens of thousands of artists and estates since 1984

    Record figures announced in DACS’ 2016 Annual Review show how copyright and the UK Artist’s Resale Right are leveraging millions in financial support for visual artists and their estates.

    More artists and estates benefiting from royalties than ever before

    We’ve published our latest Annual Review and are delighted to announce a new milestone in DACS’ history.
    Since being founded in 1984, we have distributed over £100 million in royalties through Artist’s Resale Right (ARR), Copyright Licensing, Artimage, Payback and Dutch Public Lending Right. We now represent more artists and estates than ever before, acting as a trusted broker for over 100,000 worldwide.
    In 2016 alone, over 37,000 artists and estates received a total of £14 million in royalties - a 42% increase since 2015 in the number of those benefiting from our services.

    “DACS respects the work of the artist”

    The record figures show the increasingly pivotal role that DACS plays in providing the financial means for artists and estates to sustain themselves and contribute to British culture and society.
    The artist Catherine Yass said: “Just as I might pay for hiring a camera or a meal cooked in a café, thankfully DACS provides a way for me to get paid for the use of my work.”
    By championing copyright and ARR, we aim to ensure visual artists are recognised, respected and fairly remunerated for their work. In addition to distributing royalties, we also provide information and support around copyright, which can be confusing and complex to understand.
    Peter Kennard said: “With DACS, it’s an amazing thing to find an organisation that is there for artists and also respects the work of the artist.”

    Download our 2016 Annual Review

    In addition to the latest figures, our Annual Review also outlines important developments last year. Highlights include our campaign celebrating 10 years of ARR in the UK and our successful negotiations with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) and other visual representatives over the future of Payback.

    Download the Annual Review


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    Cover image: Lighthouse (south), 2011. Catherine Yass. © Catherine Yass. All Rights Reserved,
    DACS/Artimage 2017. Commisssioned by the De La Warr Pavilion. Image courtesy Alison Jacques Gallery.

    Posted on 21/08/2017 by Jessica Bancroft