From 2015 until 2018, DACS is supporting a Knowledge Exchange Studentship in partnership with the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and The Ruskin School of Art. 

Researcher profile

Artist and academic researcher Laura Molloy has been selected for the studentship. She will be investigating the artistic and economic value of the internet in UK visual arts practice, with a focus on digital curation and digital literacy skills. As part of her research, she’ll spend time at DACS exploring our data sets and archives.
The research builds on a number of projects and initiatives that Laura has delivered in digital preservation, digital curation and research data management (RDM) spaces since 2007.
Laura said: “I’ll be bringing together my experience as both a practitioner and a researcher to look at how visual artists find and use digital information in their working practices. Many artists are highly skilled but lowly paid: I want to help identify where artists can get better value from their use and management of digital resources to help make their practices more sustainable. My aim is to produce outputs from this project which will be genuinely useful to visual artists as well as the academic world.”

About the Knowledge Exchange Studentship

Run by Oxford Internet Institute (OII) and The Ruskin School of Art, the Knowledge Exchange Studentship aims to encourage collaboration between higher education institutions and non-academic organisations to provide access to resources, knowledge and expertise as well as provide social, cultural and economic benefits to the wider society.
It is supported jointly by DACS and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) via the Oxford University Social Science Doctoral Training Centre. The studentship will lead to a DPhil in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences at the University of Oxford.

Get involved and keep updated

We’ll be posting a series of guest-written articles by Laura throughout the three-year research period - keep an eye on our news section.
If you are a DACS member and would like to find out more about Laura’s research, contact her at

Image: Illustrated mind map by Laura Molloy  © Laura Molloy, 2015.