Susanna Heron, artist and heir to the estate of Patrick Heron

Susanna has gained international recognition for her collaborations with architects and large-scale site specific works. She was made an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1999. She is the daughter of the artist Patrick Heron (1920-1999), and owns the copyright to his works.

Her father joined DACS in the early nineties, and told her about it. She now receives royalties for his work as well as her own.

“I get royalties through Payback for my own work and I also receive royalties from Patrick’s work, which is a welcome revenue that we would not otherwise receive.

"As we do not currently have any help with the estate administration, working with DACS means that a record of publications is maintained and they act as a first point of contact when others wish to license Patrick Heron's images.

"Most importantly it enables me to maintain quality control over reproductions although the timescale can sometimes be limiting."