For the first time in 2017, and in addition to your 2017 Payback Claim Form, you can make a claim on behalf of your contributors from a distinct royalty pot – worth 10% of the overall share of royalties for all visual artists.

Maximise your Payback claim by providing the following information for your contributors’ UK publication history up until 31 December 2016:
  • ISBN or ISSN number for each UK publication (books and magazines)
  • Title of the publication
  • Number of times your works appear in each publication
This information is matched by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) against their list of photocopied publications. If there is a match, your contributors get extra royalties!

Download and complete our form

Please read our Guidance Notes first before completing your Publication History Claim Form below:
Return the completed Publication History Claim Form by 17 February 2017 to Don’t forget to complete and submit your 2017 Payback Claim Form online.

Using a Mac? Please ensure you return the completed form as an Excel file format (.xls or .xlsx) and not a Numbers file.