Who can make a claim?

All kinds of visual artists can make a claim. If you are an illustrator, sculptor, cartoonist, photographer, fine artist, designer, architect or any other type of visual artist then you can claim Payback. The important thing is that you own the copyright in your work.

Also, the beneficiaries of all kinds of artists can claim. Payback covers all types of visual art including illustration, photography and fine art. The important thing is that your workis a type of artwork that can be protected by copyright and that you own the copyright in the artwork you are claiming royalties for.

If you are unsure if you own the copyright in your work, you might find the information we provide on our Knowledge Base useful.

The artist is usually the first copyright owner, but copyright can be transferred to someone else in a contract or agreement. Also bear in mind that the copyright in work you have created under employment is likely to belong to the employer so please check this before you claim. We can only make payments to the current owner of the copyright in any artistic work, so it's important you establish that you own the copyright before applying.

Artists can also claim through a representative, such as a picture agency, who you have authorised to act on your behalf.

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