Where does the money come from?

The money comes from a variety of collective licensing schemes, mainly from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). Every year this organisation sells photocopying licences to schools, universities, local councils, central government and business organisations to cover people on their premises photocopying copyright-protected books.

DACS’ share of royalties from the CLA each year will be determined by the number of claimants we represent and how often their artwork has been published in the UK. Royalties will also be allocated on the number of UK books and magazine titles that are matched with the CLA’s list of photocopied publications. DACS pays these royalties to visual artists annually through Payback.

Other collective licensing schemes cover the following:

  • The repeat on cable of UK terrestrial and digital TV broadcasts
  • The Educational Recording Agency (ERA) for off-air recording of television programmes by schools, colleges and universities
  • The licensing of certain magazines for business and government use through the NLA
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