Gordon Cheung, artist

Best known for his epic landscapes, Gordon Cheung’s hallucinogenic art explores contemporary utopias and dystopias in a fast-paced, technologically-evolving globalised world, using an array of media including stock page listings, spray paint and recently, inkjet and woodblock printing.

"Why artists should receive royalties from resale of their art is, well, I don't see why it should be any different for example to authors or musicians, designers and so on. Plus, beyond that, surely we should be supporting one of the most successful industries that our nation has, rather than  actually doing the opposite?"

Jeremy Deller, artist

Collaboration and participation are central to Jeremy Deller’s work. Acting as a curator, producer and director, his projects draw attention to forms of culture on the fringes of the mainstream and reveal hidden histories.

“Whenever something like this starts, people say ‘it’s going to end the art world, it’s going to be terrible’ but it never happens. The art world just carries on and gets bigger and bigger.
It’s important for artists to benefit from the sale of their work. The thing is that auction houses make so much money on a single sale. Obviously that’s not pure profit but they make incredible amounts of money – much more than virtually any artist, much more than any museum has to spend on art so I think it’s good that they put something back to the people who made it.”

Chantal Joffe, painter

Chantal Joffe is best known for her expressive portraits of women and children, having exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2006 she won the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts Charles Wollaston Award.

She signed up to our Artist’s Resale Right service a few years ago.

“I remember envelopes kept arriving addressed to me from DACS. At first I ignored them. I didn’t know if it was some weird con! And then it occurred to me that I wouldn’t get any royalties if someone didn’t collect them, so I signed up.

“It’s a brilliant service. I like the fact that [they] provide me with a little statement so that I can keep track of the royalties I get. That’s so useful because, as an artist, unless you spend your life googling things, you wouldn’t know what sells on the secondary market at all.”

Chantal Joffe. Photo: © Brian Benson 2013.

The artist Angela de la Cruz in her studio

Angela de la Cruz, artist

Spanish-born artist Angela de la Cruz creates work somewhere between painting and sculpture. After moving to London in 1989, she studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths’ College and completed an MA in Sculpture and Critical Theory at the Slade School of Art. Her recent exhibition ‘After’ at Camden Arts Centre was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2010.
She heard about our Artist’s Resale Right service in 2004 while working with the Lisson Gallery, and signed up. 

“It feels great and well deserved, because collectors buy work for a fraction of the price they end up selling it for.

“...I think it is great that artists can benefit when their work is sold at auction. They are making money, so why shouldn’t the artist get some too?"

Angela de la Cruz. Photo: © Ione Saizar 2013.