Our network

DACS belongs to an international network of sister societies and advocacy organisations that campaign on behalf of creators across the world. We also work closely with organisations across the arts and creative industries.

Sister societies

We are part of a network of rights management organisations representing over 100,000 artists in 34 countries. Our reciprocal agreements ensure we can license and collect royalties on behalf of their members in the UK and that they can do the same for our members in their countries.

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DACS is a member of a number of advocacy organisations across the creative industries in the UK and internationally. By working collaboratively we can provide a stronger voice on behalf of the creators we represent and campaign more effectively to protect their rights and revenue.

We have also partnered with arts organisations on a range of projects raising awareness of intellectual property rights and revenue streams for visual artists.

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Image: John Hoyland's studio. Photo © Brian Benson, 2016.