Voting members

DACS reintroduced Voting membership (previously known as Company Law membership) in 2014 to ensure that artists have a greater say in the running of the organisation.

All Voting members are eligible to attend DACS’ Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and vote on matters of the company, for example to appoint or remove a Board Director, to approve our financial documentation or other governance matters.

Who can become a Voting member?

It is important for the fair and balanced interest of all our members that AGM participation is granted to those who provide DACS with the greatest transfer of their rights. To join DACS as a Voting member you need to:
1.  Be a Copyright Licensing member of DACS
2.  To have completed our Membership Agreement Term Sheet and read our Terms and Conditions:

3.   Permit DACS to exercise copyright licensing rights and the secondary rights in the works in all industry sectors.

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Beneficiaries and heirs


In relation to point 3 above the following definitions apply:
“Copyright Licensing Right” means the right to license any and all rights in a Work, save for the Secondary Rights.
“Industry Sectors” means the following industry sectors:
(a)   Book publishing;
(b)   Public museums and galleries and cultural organisations;
(c)   Newspaper and magazine publishing;
(d)   Image banks and picture libraries;
(e)   Television and film;
(f)    Live events;
(g)   Merchandising; auction houses and commercial galleries;
(h)   Advertising, promotion and company communications;
(i)    Universities, schools and colleges;
(j)    Any other industry sector which may be decided upon by DACS from time to time
“Secondary Rights” means the exclusive irrevocable right to administer and collect all Secondary Rights Income.
“Works” means:
(a)   All Works created by the artist alone, and
(b)   All Works created by the Artist with others (to the extent of the Artist’s contribution to the Work), such Works currently in existence having been listed by the Owner showing the percentage share of the Work contributed by the Artist.